Single Serve Coffee Format:
Fad or Phenomenon?

November 8, 2011


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The single serve coffee format has shown tremendous growth in recent years as more and more players in the coffee industry are jumping into this market. This webinar explored the potential for continued growth of the single serve market, how that growth might occur, and the potential impact on the industry as a whole. Also discussed were the opportunities and challenges that exist for companies in the coffee industry as a result of the single serve phenomenon.

Topics included:

  • What the data tells us about the growth of this format since 2006
  • The potential for continued growth of the single serve concept
  • Factors that could drive this growth market
  • What impact single serve could have on the coffee industry overall
  • What opportunities and challenges face the players in this field

About The Presenters


Michael Edwards is managing partner of DIG Insights. He is proud to have been part of the National Coffee Drinking Trends study for the past eight years and has witnessed firsthand the evolving coffee marketplace. Prior to co-founding DIG, Michael spent 15 years using consumer research to help companies such as P&G, Nestle, Kraft and Mars make consumer-relevant decisions. Michael has enjoyed brief periods living in two coffee producing countries: Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Scott Van Winkle serves as a Managing Director in Equity Research at Canaccord Genuity. He joined Adams Harkness (merged into Canaccord in January 2006) in 1999 as an Associate Analyst. In this role, he focused his attention on identifying the fastest growing segments of the food and nutrition industries. More recently, Scott managed the expansion of the Healthy Living franchise to include specialty foods and beverages and proprietary ingredients. His influential Healthy Living Monthly is considered a "go to" source for scores of investors and industry insiders.


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