Training Videos


Training Videos on the Basics of Coffee Roasting & Agronomy

NCA is proud to announce the release of two new videos on Coffee Agronomy and Coffee Roasting. We sincerely hope that these videos will become a valuable tool in your employee training program.


The Coffee Roasting video is designed to provide a basic introduction to roasting for café employees, importer employees and roasting company employees who work away from the roaster’s plant and need some basic knowledge about the roasting process. This training video reviews the fundamental phases of the roasting process, taking viewers step by step with expert commentary and visuals of the process in action.

The process is brought alive by tracing the steps through the eyes of two small regional roasters in the US Northwest. Topics include choosing, buying and testing the beans, cupping, roasting procedures, roast-type modulation, and packing and freshness protocols.  (runtime is approx. 10 minutes)

The training video on Coffee Agronomy is designed for roasters, retailers and importers to give their non–agronomy focused employees some basic knowledge about how coffee is grown, picked and milled. This video takes the viewer on a guided, visual tour to discover the source of coffee at origin.

The detailed story of coffee agronomy is told in the context of the lush imagery from coffee growing regions around the world. Topics include the history of the coffee plant, defining species, variety and cultivars, influencing factors affecting taste and yield, wet versus dry processing techniques, and traceability.

Both videos are available in high resolution DVD format and may be purchased from the NCA online store.

Click here to purchase both videos on a single DVD