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PRESS RELEASE: NCA Ramps Up Proposition 65 Efforts

NCA Ramps Up Efforts to Clip Impact of California Proposition 65 on U.S. Coffee Industry
Engagement of Sacramento Firm Adds Boots on the Ground to Enhance Ongoing NCA Government Affairs Efforts

Proposition 65 Lawsuits Grind Forward

(May 2012 - Coffee Reporter) The Proposition 65 lawsuits in California are inching forward. The two suits, ensnaring more than 50 roasters and retailers, remain in procedural limbo two years after the initial filing. But with a long judicial “time-out” now lifted, the cases are beginning to grind forward slowly.

California Lawsuits

(Coffee Reporter/Legislative News - February 2012) Following a long-awaited court hearing, the California Proposition 65 lawsuits will now move forward. Judge Elihu Berle of the California Superior Court entertained a defense motion to join the two pending coffee cases. While the judge denied the motion, he agreed to hear the cases on a parallel track. Effectively, this posture yields the same outcome and essentially achieves defense goals.

Bill Extending Tariff Exemption Increases Customs Fees

(Coffee Reporter - October 2011) Each house of Congress has passed a bill that would extend duty-free treatment of imports, but also increase importers' customs user fees. In the House, HR 2832 addressed the expiration of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), under which goods from certain countries can be imported tariff-free into the U.S.

California to Require Anti-Slavery Affirmations from Business

(Coffee Reporter - August 2011) Doing business in California will soon require proactive posts affirming efforts to eliminate forced labor in product supply chains. The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 calls on retailers and manufacturers doing business in the state to detail measures they have adopted to eliminate slavery and human trafficking.

NCA Signs On to Comments to USDA on Child Labor

(Coffee Reporter - July 2011) NCA has joined the National Confectioners Association and other trade groups on a comment letter submitted to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on guidelines for eliminating child and forced labor in agricultural supply chains. The USDA solicited comments as it considers the release of such guidelines following the work of a consultative group established by statute to study the issue.

California Lawsuits Take New Turns (June 2011)

(June 2011) A series of lawsuits impacting the coffee industry under California’s Proposition 65 continue to wend their way through the state’s judicial system. As they proceed, NCA continues to deploy measures to keep the industry informed and help members address resulting legal and business challenges.

NCA Takes the Industry to Congress (June 2011)

At a time when regulatory issues are taking new turns, it is more critical than ever to maintain strong, working relationships with Congressional leaders. With member value in mind, NCA is facilitating that process this year by again hosting a Coffee on the Hill Congressional event this year.

New FDA Powers Impact Coffee (April 2011)

(April 2011) The Food Safety Modernization Act, passed by Congress late last year, has continued to raise questions and concerns as food companies – including coffee producers, mills, exporter/importers, roasters and retailers – work to understand its provisions. The first major revamp of federal food safety laws since the 1930s, the Act (FSMA) grants new powers to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and imposes added responsibilities for food safety throughout the supply chain.