2011 Coffee Summit Program Highlights


September 13-15, 2011
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Alexandria Virginia

Program Highlights

You’ll leave The Coffee Summit armed with new knowledge and ideas that you can turn into solutions back home. Join your colleagues from across the industry for opportunities to:


Delve in depth into NCA’s exclusive research on category consumption behaviors, the National Coffee Drinking Trends, interacting with the principal of the firm that conducted the research and exploring the questions and insights of your colleagues

Get the inside scoop on what’s going on in the green coffee market from a leading commodity futures executive, and debate the learnings with peers to understand how they might play out for your company
Get the latest information on scientific studies from labs around the world on the effects of coffee on health

Enjoy a unique “open mic” experience where you can raise and explore your own “Big Questions” with colleagues from across the industry

Learn from the attorneys on the front lines about legal threats to coffee commerce in California under Proposition 65 and what acrylamide has to do with it, putting your company ahead of the liability curve
Gain understanding of how to comply with complicated new regulatory challenges in the Food Safety Modernization Act, which authorizes mandatory FDA recalls, imposes food safety responsibility on importer/exporters and implements stringent inspection and record keeping requirements
Come to the Coffee Summit with your own “Big Questions.” Topics can range from economic concerns to industry trends to questions exclusive to individual companies or fact patterns, all targeted to how your business can thrive in the complex and competitive coffee milieu being explored in detail at The Summit.
Some of your “Big Questions” may include:
How and when can my company ride the wave of the growing single-serve market? Or new instant coffee formats?
What can my company do if slapped with a mandatory product recall by the FDA?
How can a lawsuit in California possibly impact my company’s roasting operation in the Midwest?
How do I respond to customers asking about acrylamide and the safety of my product?
  How can I protect my profit margin in the face of rising commodity prices without alienating customers?
How will climate change affect coffee supplies? How can my ensure a reliable supply of quality coffee?
How can my “Mom and Pop” shop thrive in the same market as the large national chains?
The innovative design of the program will enable you to pose and discuss your Big Questions, whatever they may be, with colleagues who share the same concerns. What do you need to know to lead and manage your business in these trying times? What do you want to explore with your colleagues across the industry and across the country? What are the solutions and new ideas you are seeking to bring home?
See the Schedule to get a fuller sense of the innovative and thought-provoking NCA Coffee Summit.