& The National Coffee Association have partnered to deliver monthly coffee industry sizing data. This new partnership will provide NCA members with key coffee beverage sizing stats on a monthly basis including year-over-year growth. This unique data will show coffee segment growth for in-home, at-work/food service and restaurant along with category growth for Single-Serve, Traditional, Instant and French Press. STUDYLOGIC captures this unique data through its proprietary robust panel that measure in-home, at-work, restaurant and food service consumption and sales. Panelist report regularly to STUDYLOGIC about their purchase behavior at the product and local market level. Through this process along with the vetting of company public filings, STUDYLOGIC is able to scientifically project the industry size and growth trends.

These NCA Monthly Consumption Reports will be provided to members only, and provide high-level data showing month-to-month changes in consumption.
New This Month
June 2015: Total U.S. Coffee Consumption
June 2015 Market Sizing Data

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Check out StudyLogic's Comprehensive Scorecard Reports for detailed reports on U.S. Away-From-Home Restaurant/C-Store beverage data, U.S. Single Serve Beverage data and U.S. Single-Serve Machine dataFor more details and to access your free one-time data report, visit our joint registration site. www.StudyLogicNCA.com

Once you register and create your login credentials you will be able to build a customized report by choosing from several menu options and categories. See right away how powerful and valuable this information can be. NCA members will receive a 20% discount off standard and custom data package rates. Regular pricing rates apply for non-members.

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For questions about the Eye on Competitive Retail Study contact STUDYLOGIC at snahmias@studylogic.net or Tel. (516)-374-S-T-U-D-Y (7883) EXT.11 and tell them you heard about it from the NCA!

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STUDYLOGIC is a market data provider for the Food Services & Beverage Industry. It specializes in tracking and providing Total U.S. and Local Market Data to many companies in the food & beverage industry. Its data can be used to understand competitive market share, sales, transactions, traffic, demographics, consumer ratings for Away-From-Home, In-Home and At-Work Food and Beverage brands/products. Its data is available at Total U.S. Level and for 210 DMA’s/Markets and 300+ MSA’s. Its data assists companies in understanding the market size and potential for their key product categories. Its data tracks more than 10,000 vendors and manufactures within the food service industry.