Thank you all for attending the Centennial Convention in New Orleans!


Centennial Convention Hosts

This page contains PDF versions of presentations from the National Coffee Association's Centennial Convention held in New Orleans, LA, March 16-19, 2011.  Please note that though there were more speakers/sessions than are represented here, these are the sessions for which we have a PDF we can make available.


Sponsors Presentations Program Descriptions  Speakers Exhibitors
Session Presented By Link to PDF

Coffee, Culture, and Community Development - Vanderbilt University Symposium

Bob Arceneax, Peter Martin, M.D., Diego Pizano, Ricardo Villanueva Carrera

PDF - Dr. Peter Martin
PDF - Diego Pizano

Spotlight On Producing Countries

Jaime Duque, Eduardo Sampaio,
Dr. Aderemi Banjoko, Carlos Brando

PDF - Dr. Banjoko
PDF - Eduardo Sampaio

The Long and Winding Road: The Transition from Economic Recovery to Expansion
G. Scott Clemons PDF

Using Social Media To Solve Common Business Problems
John Moore View Online

Advanced Coffee Hedging and Trading Using Listed and Over-The-Counter Tools Adam Ford, Zack Hollick, Cameron Maloney PDF

Acrylamide, Coffee & Health
Norm Ouellette, Craig Llewellyn,
Sandy McAlpine, Roel Vaessen

Revolution & Evolution: How Cup of Excellence Has Changed the World of Coffee Susie Spindler PDF

Nescafe Plan - Panel Discussion Diego Pizano, Nicolas Huillet, Sabrina Vigilante PDF

Water Chemistry and Its Effects on the Brewed Beverage Skip Finley PDF

Food Safety Modernization Act Ryan Shadrick-Wilson PDF
Sponsors Presentations Program Descriptions  Speakers Exhibitors