FEC 2008-Roaster


 Track 1: Roaster Program

Designed for:
• Small to Mid-Sized Retailers, Roasters including Café Owners and Franchisees
• All Coffee Professionals who want to enhance and sustain their coffee business

Building Profits While Maintaining Quality
Willem J. Boot, Boot Coffee Consulting & Training
The cost saving benefits of roasting innovation: in line, real time roast color measurement and other technical solutions

Energy Efficient Coffee Roasting
Joachim Eichner, President and Chief Engineer, Praxis International
Understanding the technologies available for valuable energy savings

Building Your Business by Educating Your Customer
Tom Oliver, Coffee Roasters of New Orleans
A full-service relationship with retailer clients can be all the difference in growing your business. Learn how to do it right.
Tapping into the “Buy Local” Trend
Dana Eness, Executive Director, Stay Local!
Make your size and connection to your community an asset. Increasingly, consumers are drawn to products with an independent identity and are supporting community-owned businesses with their buying decisions (even if it isn't their own community).
Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Options