2008 National Coffee Drinking Trends Study

The National Coffee Association of USA, Inc.
The study combines a solid core of timeless questions to measure changes over time, as well as new questions and analysis techniques designed each year to assess new trends and developments.

National Coffee Drinking Trends has tracked US coffee consumption since 1950, making it the longest running and largest statistical series on consumer drinking patterns related to coffee and other beverages. And with a sample size of 2,950 beverage drinkers, the statistical validity of the study is extremely high.
If you are at all involved in coffee at any level, or coffee-related products and services, the National Coffee Drinking Trends report is a must purchase, if you intend to compete in today’s competitive coffee market. 

2008 NCDT -- What you need to know, when you need to know it.
Highlights from 2008 report:
•  17% of the adult population consumed a gourmet beverage on a daily
basis in 2008 compared with 14% in 2007.
•  Consumption of cups per day by consumers age 18-24 continued to trend higher
    in 2008. Young adults who drank coffee consumed an average of 3.2 cups
    per day as compared with 3.1 in 2007
, a significant increase over 2005’s level
    of 2.5 cups per day.
•  Positive health messages are clear drivers of consumption. Questions posed to
   consumers about the health benefits of drinking coffee and is coffee good
   for my health are both up significantly from 2005 to 46% and 36% from
   37% and 26% respectively.
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