Consumer Emotions & Personality

Consumer Emotions & Personality Report

A Supplemental Report of the 2008 National Coffee Drinking Trends Study
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Consumer Emotions and Personality Report  is one of the newest market research reports from the National Coffee Association. The report is geared toward understanding and interpreting the subconscious drivers of coffee consumption.

The Consumer Emotions and Personality Report supplements the NCA’s annual National Coffee Drinking Trends. This stand-alone report offer deep-dive analyses to satisfy targeted, strategic needs of industry marketers. Typically, they uncover consumption behaviors detectable only by dissecting and analyzing data in unique ways.

The  Consumer Emotions and Personality Report was conducted on-line earlier this year. Interest in examining the consumer’s emotional relationship with coffee and other beverages arose from the belief that traditional market research methods did not deliver enough meaningful data on the underlying emotions and personalities drivers and barriers.

The report outlines the key emotions and personalities consumers project onto coffee, soft drinks, juice and bottled water and the positive and negative effects of each of these associations on consumption. The result is a deeper understanding of the “soft” or (emotions and personality associations) drivers and barriers.

Survey respondents were presented with one of the four beverages along with a comprehensive list of 85 emotions and 282 personalities. They chose the emotions and personality attributes that they associated with the beverage, Additionally a SWOT analysis was undertaken to distill the personalities and emotions in the research into core issues. 

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