This page contains PDF versions of presentations from the National Coffee Association's 96th Annual Convention held in Scottsdale, Arizona, March 1-4, 2007. These presentations are made available to convention attendees and NCA members.

The C-TPAT Challenge
Edwin A. Hotchkiss
 Department of Homeland Security         
Andre Raghu

Managing Financial Risk in the Coffee Trade
Eric Nadelberg
     Prudential Financial Derivatives, LLC
Making the Right Packaging Decision for Your Brand
Charlotte Koellner 
   Rovema Packaging Machines, LP
Jeff Clark
    Curwood, Inc.

The Liquid Coffee Storm Continues to Rise
Paul Kalenian
    X Cafe', LLC
John Thing

Port Issues You Should Know About
Don Pisano
   American Coffee Corp.
Matthew Brauner
   Brauner International Corp.
Andre Raghu
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Hosting A Barista Tournament to Enhance Roaster Visibility
Sherri Johns
   WholeCup Coffee Consulting, LLC
Profitability Track Record of Certified Coffees
Jonathan Atwood
    Kraft Foods North America
Sabrina Vigilante
    Rainforest Alliance
David Abney
    Quality Assurance International
David Rosenberg
    Utz Kapeh

What's Your Profile?
Karl Schmidt
    Probat Burns
The New Face of Juan Valdez:
The Process to Revitalize the Brand                                                                                                     
Luis Samper
    National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia
David Altschul
    Character LLC

Producers’ Forum 
Roberto Velez
    National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia
Michael R.A. Timm
    Stockler Comercial e Exportadora Ltda.
Vivek Verma, Olam Int'l
Dania Baltodano                                   

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Opportunities in the Asian Market
Alain Poncelet
    Starbucks Coffee Company
The Implications of Global Warming
Jim Block
Coffee Delivers Update
Lara Wyss
    Starbucks Coffee Company
Preview: National Coffee Drinking Trends Survey
 Bill Gottlieb
    Starbucks Coffee Company
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