Baby Boomer Report

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In its latest supplemental report to the National Coffee Drinking Trends, NCA has zeroed in on the U.S. Baby Boomer generation for a special analysis. The NCA Baby Boomers Report is the first in-depth look at the behaviors and preferences of this large and loyal category. The report uncovers insights and offers unique value to marketers and product development professionals.  
Among the data provided in the Baby Boomers Report are:
  • Extensive segment-specific data 
  • Comparisons with other generations   
  • Comparison of younger Boomers versus older Boomers   
  • Weekly and annual consumption of total coffee and gourmet coffee beverages 
  • Type of coffees consumed
  • Roast preferences 
  • Time and location of consumption    
  • Share of cups. 


     Here is a sample chart from Baby Boomers Report:

The data is based on NCA’s exclusive nationwide survey of consumers that has set the standard for tracking consumption habits in the U.S. since 1950.