2011 NCA Coffee Summit

September 13-15, 2011
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Alexandria Virginia
It’s a Capital Idea!


A New Approach

  • Do you crave deployment-ready solutions rather than piles of generic information for your professional development dollars?
  • Do you have Big Questions you need answered about how your business can thrive in the complex and competitive coffee world?
  • Are you an “inquiring mind” – someone who learns best by exploring topics more deeply than passively listening to a speaker?
  • Do you want practical insights and applications that address your own, individual business needs and circumstances?
  • Do you want to participate in a dynamic forum of industry thought leaders seeking to craft leading-edge strategies and solutions for the specific issues you and your business face?
  • Do you face expectations to bring back actionable strategies that can propel your organization?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these perennial professional development issues, you should attend The Coffee Summit: Bringing Together Industry Knowledge and Expertise, an innovative forum  offered by the National Coffee Association.



The first of its kind in our industry, The Coffee Summit is a dynamic and interactive forum that blends presentations by leading industry experts with shared experiences and insights of your fellow executives and thought leaders. Participants learn what’s going on industry-wide, explore its implications in intensive, substantive discussions with colleagues, and derive both information and insights to generate forward-looking strategies and solutions for the issues you and your business will face.

The Coffee Summit offers a dynamic triumvirate of value:

  • the knowledge of leading industry experts in the field
  • the shared experiences and insights of fellow executives and thought leaders from all segments of the industry, and
  • open, deep, interactive discussions among experts and peers alike that address participants’ own questions