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The 2010 Fall Education Conference was a mixture of tours, educational sessions, and networking events.  This was a chance for the various sectors of this vast industry to communicate ideas and exchange concerns related to our shared passion, Coffee.  If you missed the event, look over the program descriptions — electronic copies of the presentations will soon follow.  Thanks to everyone who made this year's Fall Education Conference such a successful event, see you at Convention!


  Program Descriptions

Monday, October 18, 2010
Pre-Conference Tours: Port of Newark Container Terminal, Continental Terminals, Inc., and
White Coffee Corporation

Tour Guides and Presenters:
Del Bobbish, Yard Operations Manager, Port of Newark Container Terminal
Don Pisano, Vice President, American Coffee Corp.
Doug Martocci, Jr., Vice President, Continental Terminals, Inc.
Jonathan White, Executive Vice President, White Coffee Corporation

This three-part tour will provide attendees with a rare opportunity to follow the journey of coffee from its entry into the port, to a local warehouse and then a regional roaster. Learn about the history of coffee in New York as well as the current logistical, customs and food safety requirements. Buses will depart from The New Yorker Hotel promptly at 11 am on Monday, October 18. A box lunch will be provided. Additional Fee: $55.

SCAA's GE 103, Introduction to Cupping- Class size limited to 30 registrants
Lead Instructor: Andrew Miller, President, Café Imports
Table Leads: Colleen Anunu, Director of Coffee, Gimme! Coffee; John Moore, VP of Sales & Marketing, Dallis Bros. Coffee; Neil Oney, Vice President, TampTamp Inc

A brief overview of how cupping is used in the industry will lead up to detailed instructions for conducting your cupping. Several cupping flights will give participants direct exposure to commonly cupped origins and to cupping vocabulary. Completion of this course can be applied towards the following certifications: Barista Guild of America Certification - Level One or Roasters Guild Certification - Apprentice Level, A3. Conference add-on registration fee: NCA/SCAA Members, $100; non-Members/non-conference participants, $175. Location: ICE Cupping Room, 39 Broadway, Third Floor. Please arrive by 1:30 pm.

Guided Cafe Walking Tours
Coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike are always in search for the perfect cup of coffee. We invite you to experience some of the best cafés in New York City - talk with the owners, observe their baristas, sample the coffee and get a glimpse of how some small roasters get it right. NCA has organized two sets of cafés tours to enhance your conference experience. You also have an opportunity to take it to the next level by sharing your observations and asking these retailers questions on Tuesday during the "Navigating the Challenges to Run a Successful Coffee Business" session.

Explore the Cafes of Williamsburg, Brooklyn  
Tour guides: Teresa Von Fuchs, Dallis Bros. Coffee; Fernanda Mazzuco, Co-owner, Joy Brazil; and Mikey Wiggles Peters, Director of Outreach, TampTamp Inc.

A trip to Brooklyn is always worth the effort when the opportunity to experience great coffee is the incentive.  Attendees will observe the retail and roasting operations of some of these establishments: Blue Bottle, Café Grumpy, Gimme! Coffee, Oslo Coffee and more. 
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Taste and Trek Your Way through the West Village & Soho

Tour guides: Dennis Dran, Mother Parkers; Sue Fawver, Dallis Bros. Coffee; and Park Brannen, Café Grumpy

See first hand how café owners are putting their own unique spin (or surf) on the coffee bar experience. This tour will take attendees to Joe the Art of Coffee, Third Rail, Roasting Plant Coffee and Saturday's Surf, to name a few. 
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Welcome Reception

Join your colleagues and peers at the opening reception of the Fall Conference at the brand new
Chock Full o' Nuts café on West 23 Street.
Generously sponsored by Massimo Zanetti Beverage, USA

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
The Current Green Coffee Market

John Meyer, Vice President, Coffee Division, AMD Investor Services; Jon D. Stefenson, Director of Marketing, Atlantic (USA) Inc.; Jonathan White, Executive Vice President, White Coffee Corporation; Christian Wolthers, Principal, Wolthers America Inc.; Jim Cleaves, Green Coffee Manager, Dunkin' Brands, Inc. (Moderator)

Tight supply, high demand and a fluctuating market are a few challenges coffee companies are facing during the second half of 2010. Panelists will share their perceptions of what is driving today's ever-changing green coffee market. This must-attend session will give you a better understanding of market conditions for arabica and robusta; insight on how volatility affects the entire supply chain; and learn how some companies are responding to the market.

Quality and Sustainability - From Source to Cup: Three Perspectives
Jim Fischer, Board Member, Utz Certified - Good Inside; George Howell, Founder, Terroir Coffee; Petra Tanos, Coordinator of Sustainable Value Chains, Rainforest Alliance; Fernanda Mazzuco, Co-owner, Joy Brazil (Moderator)

This discussion will cover the origin to retailer chain - waste water treatment, exporting, transportation, and packaging. What is the environmental impact of achieving quality? Learn how to effectively market the concept of being green to your customers.

Business Luncheon
Chef Antony Gonclaves, 42 at The Ritz-Carlton, Westchester

For many years, some of the best restaurants in New York ended five-star meals with less than stellar coffee. Chef Anthony will share a personal journey to create an outstanding coffee program. Coffee professionals will learn how they can improve elements of their own program through coffee selection, machinery and proper staff training.

Communicating Quality and Getting Consumers to Pay for It
Jim Cleaves, Green Coffee Manager, Dunkin' Brands, Inc.; Sherri Johns, Managing Director, Whole Cup Coffee Consulting
Tasting Session - Limited to 30 attendees.

This session will provide the coffee professional better ways to talk to consumers to help them make better buying decisions. We will show and tell attendees how to reach consumers and why, including tasting, really good vs. good vs. ordinary coffees marketed as "specialty" and why it is worth the price for them to buy high quality and exciting coffees. The presenters will discuss and taste a wide range of variations, and emphasize Q&A for communicating excellence in the cup. Attendees should come to this interactive session with an open mind, receptive pallet, and lots of questions.   

Brand Identity
Roxanne Bensason, Marketing Director, Dunkin' Brands Inc.
Jonathan Rubinstein, Owner, Joe The Art of Coffee

Discover the most effective brand strategies from successful retainlers and roasters. Learn about the benefits of promoting your brand versus the roasters' brands.

Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Navigating the Challenges to Run a Successful Coffee Business

Caroline Bell, Co-Owner, Café Grumpy; JD Merget, Oslo Coffee Roasters; Mike Caswell, Founder & CEO, Roasting Plant Coffee; Sherri Johns, Managing Director, Whole Cup Coffee Consulting (Moderator)

This session is the follow up to Monday's cafe walking tours. Take the opportunity to share your opinions about what you experienced on the tours and learn more about the retail establishments you visited. Learn from retailers and roasters who will be sharing their challenging business issues - staffing, sales, marketing, customer satisfaction - and more. 

Open Space Meeting - Esther Matte (Faciliator)
Participants define the agenda with a relatively rigorous process and may adjust it as the meeting proceeds. The criteria are that there are no prior groupings or agendas, and that participants accept the agendas and groupings that arise from the meeting process, with only minimal restrictions on scope. In order to get the thought process going, NCA will be sending out a survey to find out what's your "Big Question." Look for the NCA "Wants to Know" survey coming to your inbox soon.
"Continue the Conversation" Cocktail Reception
Join your peers after the breakout sessions for cocktails and great conversation.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cup of Excellence - The Ripple Effect: Globalization of Exemplary Coffee
Colleen Anunu, Director of Coffee, Gimme! Coffee; Oren Bloostein, Owner, Oren's Daily RoastJohn Moore, VP of Sales & Marketing, Dallis Bros. Coffee; Grant Rattray, Managing Director, Cup of Excellence; James Schoenhut, President, Royal New YorkJon Lewis, Membership Liaison, The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (Moderator)

Panel discussion on the effect Cup of Excellence competition and auction has on global coffee infrastructure. Since 2005, Cup of Excellence has brought the unique coffees of Honduras, and multiple micro-regions to the forefront appreciated by a global specialty audience and completed changed the image of the country. The auction for Cup of Excellence awarded coffees has provided increased financial return to the farmers. The CoE ripple effect has changed producing countries and the specialty marketplace to focus on farm identified quality. Honduras Cup of Excellence coffees will be featured at the break following this presentation.

Concurrent  Breakout Sessions
Harvesting & Processing Innovations

Andrew Miller, President, Café Imports

During this session you will cup and discuss the effects of different varietals, regions and altitudes. This session will provide the coffee professional a new perspective on how specific processing methods affect the taste. Gain an improved understanding of what the quality parameters are, and how each affects the other in the final product. This broadened knowledge can help roasters make more intentional green buying decisions by better associating expected cup character with the interdependent parameters.

Relationship Roasting

Daryn Berlin, Regional Development, Counter Culture; Colleen Duhamel, Green Coffee Buyer, Café Grumpy; Taylor Mork, President, Crop-to-Cup Coffee; Alexis Rubinstein, Editor-in-Chief, Tea and Coffee Trade Journal (Moderator)

Panel discussion with retailers and roasters who have established direct relationships with farmers they purchase from. Learn how these sourcing relationships can build quality throughout the supply chain. Attend this session and find out what challenges and opportunities now exist as a result of these grower to roaster/wholesaler collaborations.