Fall Educ Conf


This page contains a selection of presentations and handouts, in PDF format,  from the National Coffee Association's Fall Educational Conference, held in New York City, October 24-25, 2002. These presentations are made available to convention attendees and NCA members.



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Coffee Appellation Update

Willem Boot, Boot Coffee Consulting

  PDF file

Long-term Contracts: Pros & Cons Mary J. William, Starbucks Coffee Co.   PDF file
Green Coffee Arbitration: How and Why It Works Richard Etkin, Mercon Coffee Corp.   PDF file

Liquid Coffee Market - How Big Is It

Paul Kalenian, X Cafe   PDF file
The Convenience Store Experience: A Look At Coffee Purchasing Patterns Mike Sabino, Independent Consultant   PDF file
Achieving Market Success with Iced/Iced Blended Coffee Beverages Kevin Tochia, Dunkin' Donuts   PDF File
Build Brand Loyalty by Educating Coffee Consumers Willem Boot, Boot Coffee Consulting   PDF file
Coffee Retail Opportunities in Non-Traditional Settings Sylvia Wulf, Sara Lee Coffee & Tea   PDF file
Bew-by-Pack Trends in OCS Frank LaRusso, FLAVIA Beverage Systems   PDF file
New Age of Solubles Brigid Gilmore, Nestle USA   PDF file
The Anatomy of Innovation Malpractice Calvin Hodock, THe Hodock Group   PDF file