Cup of Excellence Alliance


NCA forms Alliance with Cup of Excellence

Under a new agreement, the NCA has entered into a strategic alliance with the Cup of Excellence program (COE). The alliance reflects an expansion of NCA’s ongoing commitment to quality and an enhanced focus on premium coffees as an important industry and membership sector.

The agreement between NCA and The Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Inc. and its COE creates formal ties designed to strenghthen COE benefits available to members of the industry. It will also enrich NCA membership with a direct link to the program and its established presence in the premium-coffee sector.

Complimentary Activities

Under the terms of the strategic alliance, NCA and COE will begin a series of cooperative activities yielding mutually complimentary benefits to NCA and COE members, COE participants and the industry at large. NCA’s extensive public relations and member service capabilities, engaged with COE’s active network of producer-focused initiatives, will enhance shared goals of delivering maximum industry value.

Among specific provisions, NCA and COE will link Websites and post mutual information. They will also promote respective services and events, as appropriate, as well as the alliance itself both online and at public or industry presentations.

Information exchange will also include COE’s presenting at the NCA Fall Educational Conference. Specifics of the presentations will be negotiated by NCA and COE based on conference development and timing.

NCA Advisory Role

Importantly, the agreement also empowers NCA to make strategic recommendations to the COE Board of Directors designed to enhance COE benefits available to members of the industry. Formulation of recommendations will be spearheaded by NCA’s Producer Committee.

The NCA Producer Committee will engage in strategic planning to enhance COE benefits for all segments of the industry. The agreement specifies that this planning may include the development of a strategy to utilize a “second tier” of COE-winning coffees, possibly consolidated into larger-size container volumes.

NCA also will engage its government relations expertise in communicating the importance and benefits of the COE to government officials. Among the goals is to seek possible government funding by highlighting COE efforts.

The duration of the current alliance is two years, with an option of a mutual decision to extend.