We are proud of the quality of our speakers and are pleased to make presentations available, where possible. Please remember that, as always, a PDF is no substitute for a live presentation.

The History of Coffee in New Orleans
Jesyka Bartlett, Director of Marketing
French Market Coffee Company
Status of the New Orleans Hurricane &
Storm Damage Risk Reduction System
Major Jeremy J. Chapman,                                     
US Army Corp of Engineers
Getting the Most Out of Your Liability Insurance
Adam Rekerdres, Quality Control Manager
Rekerdres & Sons Insurance Agency

Since Change is Relentless and Accelerating, You Should Be Too
Kelly Traw, Vice President of Marketing
EA Brevita Cooperative Ass'n/EADelivers.com
Expecting the Unexpected:
Planning for Business Interruptions
Tracy May Adair, Green Coffee Supply Chain Manager,
Folgers Coffee Company 
Ethics and Growing Your Business                 
Matt Saurage, President & CEO, Community Coffee
Not Available
The Impact of Sustainability on Your Business…and What to Do About it
David Browning, Vice President, Coffee Initiative
No Powerpoint accompanied speach.
Business Fundamentals Boot Camp  
Edgar Chase, Former Dean of Business, Dillard University
Roaster Track:
Building Profits While Maintaining Quality
Roast color measurement and other technical solutions
Willem J. Boot, President                                       
Boot Coffee Consulting & Training
Not Available
Tapping into the “Buy Local” Trend
Dana Eness, Executive Director
Stay Local!
Building Your Business by Educating Your Customer
Tom Oliver, Coffee Roasters of New Orleans
 No Powerpoint accompanied speach.
Environmentally-Friendly Packaging Options
Troy Adams, Fres-co System USA, Inc.
Energy Efficient Coffee Roasting
Joachim Eichner, President & Chief Engineer     
Josh Adluri, Engineering
Praxis International
Retailer Track:
Smart Design & Equipment for Beginning or Expanding
Tom Moseley, Jr., President of The Moseley Corp
Margaret Heery, VP National Accounts, Bunn-O-Matic
Essential Marketing Tips & Tricks
Chuck B. Jones, Jones Coffee Roasters
Panel Discussion: “If I Knew Then What I Know Now…”
Phyllis Jordan, Founder, PJ’s Coffee of New OrleansPam Chmiel, Owner, Klatch Espresso Bar
No Powerpoint accompanied panel.
Cadillac PR on a Chevy Budget
Joy Patin, J Patin & Associates     
Creating Community in Your Coffee Shop
Panel Discussion                                                    
Daniel Humphries, Coffee Scholars
Phyllis Jordan, Founder, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans
Laura Sommers, Espresso Supply
Chuck B. Jones, Jones Coffee Roasters
No Powerpoint accompanied panel.