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NCA Convention 2018 Breakout Sessions

There's always something new too learn about coffee

Dive into key industry issues, expand your expertise, and discover what's next for coffee.

These targeted educational sessions are a great opportunity to connect with new colleagues and top experts from across the supply chain. 


Pre-Convention Session

The NCA Next Generation

Michael Gaviña, Gaviña Gourmet Coffee; John Lyons, Brown Brothers Harriman; Ken Haycraft, Director of Talent Management, BUNN

  • NCA Next Gen Council Roundtable
  • Leadership In the Coffee Community
  • Investing at a Young Age
  • Professional Development & Emotional Intelligence 

Concurrent Breakout Sessions: Group 1

Block Chain: What it is and How it can Impact the Coffee Supply Chain

Curtis Miles, IBM

Protecting Your Company Image

Cold Brew and Safety Considerations

NCA Scientific Advisory Group

Concurrent Breakout Sessions: Group 2

Brewing Up the Future: Opportunities in Ready-to-Drink Coffe

Matthew Barry, Euromonitor International

Flavors and Additives: What is New in Your Coffee

Mark DiDominco, Datassential

Diacetyl Safety 

NCA Scientific Advisory Group

Concurrent Breakout Sessions: Group 3

Coffee Sustainability: Visions in Action

Global Coffee Platform Panel

Emerging Trends in Coffee Processing

David Roche, Coffee Quality Institute 


* Please note that speakers and topics are subject to change