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Ron Contaxis, Wilbur Curtis Company, named Volunteer of the Year at the NCA 2015 Annual Convention

Honorary Lifetime Membership

NCA member volunteers generously contribute their time, expertise, and resources further the mission of the NCA and the coffee community worldwide. As a small trade association, we're grateful for every contribution. 

From time to time, a volunteer will consistently go above and beyond the call of duty. 

The NCA offers a special tribute for these individuals: the status of Honorary Lifetime Membership.

Nominations for this award come from NCA members, and we encourage all members to submit nominations. Both nominees and sponsors must be members of the NCA.

The deadline for all nominations is September 15. Please review the criteria for NCA Honorary Lifetime Membership eligibility.


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NCA Honorary Lifetime Members


George Vukasin, Sr Arthur Anisansel Joseph Apuzzo Sr.
George Boecklin Edward Bransten Jack Durland
John Heuman Paul Keating Robert McGarvey
Manuel Rosen Andrew A. Scholtz Marvin H. Schur
H. Grady Tiller
Gregory W. White


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